Services plus events at Trinity Methodist Church

Services: We gather from about 10.30am and the service starts at 10.45am following a short period when we share news and welcome people. After the service we welcome people to stay for a tea/coffee and a chat.

Sunday ‘Zoom’ service: Where notified in the calendar (usually last Sunday in the month) we will hold an additional home-based zoom service Sunday at 9.00am for 30mins or so for our worshipping community. If you would like to join us you would be very welcome. If you do not use the internet it’s no problem as long as you can use a phone keypad. You can phone a number, enter a password on your phone key pad and then both join in and listen to the service.

We are not very ‘techie’ so it is a bit homespun and we get occasional glitches – but it is a joy to see friends for some prayer and reflection. If you want an invite please send a request to

For all our services we welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. We like to have children and their families in church with us and we have a dedicated ‘activity’ area at the back of the church where the children can undertake various activities. There are some more details under the list of services lower down this page.

Forthcoming Services are advertised on our diary page – if you are unsure or unfamiliar and want more information or would like someone to guide you do get in touch using the ‘Get in Touch’ information.

Lunchtime reflective/prayer sessions (currently suspended)
On the second Thursday of each month at 12.30pm we allow time for regular short 30-45 minute lunchtime periods of reflection.
These are led by Ministers or Preachers, Stewards or Worship Leaders. There is no set format and they are informal – we use one of the church rooms. The time may include any or all of the following: Poetry, bible readings, reflection, prayers for ourselves and for others, music and discussion.

What to expect if you join us for a Sunday service
We like visitors from all backgrounds and traditions and people with no church background – all are welcome just as they are.
Visitors tell us that our style is typically less demonstrative than other traditions – but still sincere and joyous – focused on prayer, listening to readings from the Bible, reflecting on the sermon and hymns/worship songs.
We project words of hymns onto a screen, although there are a limited number of hymn books for those that prefer to use books. Where suitable and appropriate we will also occasionally use clips from the internet to illustrate points or to increase our awareness of different worship and music styles.

Bible readings are from various versions. However we normally use The NRSV Bible..
Each week we have a different person leading the service – this could be our own Ministers or visiting Preachers and/or Worship Leaders. Styles vary from individual to individual, from quiet and reflective to lively and informal. No two weeks are exactly the same. At the end of the service there is an opportunity to share tea/coffee and catch up on news.

The Lords Supper (Communion) is celebrated once a month during the main service. In the Methodist tradition, Communion (the symbolic taking of bread and wine) is open to all, whatever their background and tradition. It is an ‘open’ table.

Children are always welcome in this Church. We have a regular group of young people. We have an activity area that is regularly refreshed with suitable bible-based learning and craft materials. We like and encourage families and children in the main worship area however, if families prefer we also have an adjoining quiet chapel where parents and children can go if they wish to see and hear what is going on but not be heard themselves but we do like and encourage children to stay in the main worship space under the supervision of their families. 

Accessibility at Trinity
We aim to make our church an environment where all feel welcome and cared for. In order to allow for widest possible access, this church has the following facilities available:

• Disabled Access
• Disabled Toilet
• Hearing Loop and Audio Visual system

Methodist Churches in the Lowestoft Area
There are other Methodist Churches in the Lowestoft Area including at Corton, Kessingland and at South Lowestoft. You would be welcome in any of them. We work closely with our friends at Corton Methodist Church to support their smaller but active community. For those living or travelling from the South side of the Bridge you may be interested in visiting South Lowestoft Methodist Church or Kessingland. South Lowestoft have their own website for more information: