Trinity Methodist Church Playgroup

Playgroup – We run our own Ofsted rated ‘good’ pre-school establishment for 2-5year olds. Tel:01502 531562 or see the playgroups Facebook page.

Our Play Group Manager is qualified at Masters level plus 3 members of the team are level 3 with our 5th member about to embark on her level 3.

See whats happening at Trinity’s Playgroup on Facebook

The Playgroup has a 5 star rating for hygiene.

It has its own Facebook page: @Trinityplaygrouplowestoft.   Tel:01502 531562. The email address is: 

We currently charge £10* for a 3-hour session and £3.50* for lunch club. We run to the EYFS. * please check with the playgroup team for current pricing which have changed recently.

Children can start as soon as they turn 2. They can remain with us until reception intake at school and our open hours are 9-1 Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri with 9-12 Wednesday. 

We accept all government funding for 2 and 3 year olds. As well as accepting fee payers, if they want to do more than the 15 hours offered, we take those that don’t fall into the eligible criteria at 2 with competitive prices.