Reopening Trinity – Update

Just to confirm we will be holding our first service in church since lockdown tomorrow, Sunday 6th September starting at 10.45am. This service will be led by Rev Robert Soanes.

Services in Trinity after this will then be every other week. Those weeks when we are not in church we will continue to hold Zoom services at 10.00am for those that can access them. Obviously, everyone is welcome in church but first and foremost we have to consider safety. Therefore, as published last week and repeated again here there are some rules we must follow.

  1. Entry and exit (other than for fire and emergency) is by the main entrance at the front of the church.
  2. We will monitor capacity (we think we can get in around 40 people with social distancing). We hope not to have to turn anyone away.
  3. Temperature using a thermal thermometer and contact details will be taken at the entrance (this is just an extra precaution we are taking at Trinity and is not something that is necessarily done elsewhere).
  4. People should follow the guidance of sanitising using the gels etc available at the entrance and wear face masks whilst in church (the exception being under 11’s and those with medical conditions such as ashma etc). People leading the service and readers do not need to wear a mask when at the lectern but can wear a visor if they wish (bring their own)
  5. People will be guided to and from their seats by stewards to ensure safe distancing (and this will probably be different to where you may normally sit). We will fill from the front.
  6. There will be no use of service or hymn books – anything relevant will be on screen. Sadly, we cannot sing at this time but solo performances are allowed from the lectern area
  7. There will be a collection basket by the entrance to the worship space and people are requested to place their offering in there as they come in or as they leave – there will be no bag collection during the service
  8. The only toilet available will be the disabled one – people are asked to clean down all touch points after use using the materials provided (in any event a steward will clean down between use)
  9. Sadly also there will be no refreshments – and people should bring their own water if they feel they might need drink.
  10. Sadly, too there is to be no congregating in or close to the building
  11. However, feel free to smile, nod, wave, talk through your mask, encourage and support! These are strange times for us all.

Re-opening Corton – Corton’s services will be held in the chapel weekly from Sunday 20th September. More details to follow.

Trinity Church Anniversary – 50

(yes 50) years this week since Trinity opened. Church Stewards and others had planned lots of things to celebrate during this anniversary month but sadly, COVID19 has scuppered them for the time being. However, we will not be beaten! Instead of just an anniversary month perhaps we can have a ‘golden’ anniversary year instead and as lockdown rules are gradually lifted we can find ways in which to celebrate all that is good about church life here.

If people have ideas how we can celebrate our 50th Anniversary during this time feel free to let me know. In my head doing something with ‘50’ (or multiples of 5) as being a significant number seems like a lovely idea – e.g. cycle 50 miles!…..walk around the park 50 times!!, do 50 sit ups!!!, write 50 letters of encouragement, make 50 phone calls, recall 50 people significant in your life and give thanks for them, donate £50 (or £500) for church funds, raise £50 for the community or for charity – but whatever you do, do it in recognition of all we celebrate here as a worshipping community in our 50th year. And perhaps share your story through this news sheet.

I think Wally Thompson our church architect, local preacher and friend to many here could not have said it better when he said ‘ “I see the whole building as an expression of HOPE – hope for the future, hope for our young people, hope built on the faith of our people through these times of economic stress” He went on to say “My greatest hope is not that people who come and see this church will ask, ‘Who designed it? ‘, but that all will know that God is HERE and that he is present in the hearts of his people. When they read the inscription on the foundation stone ‘built to the glory of God’, may they say, ‘Yes, indeed, it lS to the glory of God ‘.”

This vision is still relevant today as we look at ways of expanding both our spiritual and community activities. Thank you to all of you, who through your attendance, financial support, community and church activities, prayers, gifts, talents and faith make Trinity ‘our church’. A place of welcome, sanctuary, support and friendship to all. Happy 50th Birthday Trinity. Julian