Coronavirus Update: Our aim is to continue to provide a safe environment for our congregation and visitors, so while we have began to relax rules from 19th July, we will continue to adopt measures to ensure everyone feels comfortable stepping out of their homes and into church. We have therefore decided to put in place these safety measures:

1. People are requested to keep safe spacing, using sanitizer and wearing mask whilst entering, leaving and moving around the building. Names of attendees will be noted for track and trace purposes (but not phone numbers unless church visitor).

2. Masks may be removed once in the pews but please be sensitive to others around you. If they would be more comfortable with you wearing a mask please do so. Please restrict moving around in church.

3. For the time being, please wear a mask when singing, especially if there are other people close to you. (But yes, you can sing!)

4. Wherever possible keep at least 1-2m between people.

5. We will keep ventilation open.

6. We will continue with covid secure Holy Communion

7. Keep away from church if you feel unwell.

8. Please clean down toilet and sink after use with the materials provided

How we may safely provide Coffee and refreshments after service will be reviewed so all people feel safe and hopefully re-introduced from September. In the meantime we will continue alternating between ‘in church’ and zoom services each Sunday until the end of August then from the first Sunday in September we will be in church each week but reserving the last Sunday in the month for a Zoom service. Thank you for your continued patience. We look forward to welcoming friends old and new to Trinity.